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Would the Future Technology of Thought Swapping Be Too Disruptive For Society?

Today, we have the Internet, e-mail, and social networks. These social networks are now experiencing a new wave of innovation with text messaging and real-time updates to the life experience. These tweets and text messages can be shared with others. Some might call this the friends and family program on steroids. It is definitely a disruptive technology, but it seems to be geared towards the way in which humans naturally communicate.

That is to say, it is somewhat an extension of our social interaction. Is this current technology too disruptive, and where is it going? And if it is too disruptive now, might it be even more so in the very near future? Some believe so, but let me give you a scenario so you can think about this yourself.

In the future there will probably be an implant device in your brain which takes your thoughts, and changes them into ones and zeros and allows for storage of all your thoughts, and instant transmission to others whom you’d like to share your thoughts with.

Sounds like Sci Fi? Hardly, but let’s ponder this for a moment. One philosopher and acquaintance of mine in considering this notion and future progression of our current technology stated; “Yes, I can choose what to believe and what not to believe, but only in some cases- a lot of the time we are subtly and uncontrollably affected by an overwhelming world.”

This was in response to the scenario that others would be sending you their thoughts, and you would be taking them into your brain and it would be changing the way you think, with those in your thought swapping group, thought swapping social network, or friends which you’ve subscribed too. In other words, the interjection of thought into your brain would change who you are and how you think.

But, isn’t that happening already? And if you believe that the thoughts that you take in, or the ideas that you read in books are introducing new ideas that change how you think, then this is already happening and if you allow them to this it will be similar in the future, only a much faster transition.

This should not stop one from taking a gander at the bigger picture, or entertaining thoughts that perhaps, invade one’s belief system. After all, currently, one cannot have experienced every situation from all angles, thus have the advantage of multiple perception impressions, but with thought-swapping, one can get closer to that reality. I hope you will please consider all this.